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It is with pleasure www.EasyGreetCards.com would like to introduce to you one of our featured artists. B Jordan has provided us with beautiful greeting card designs for many years now and we feel very privileged to be able to offer such high quality, innovative and very targeted artwork for our business greeting card customers. After graduating with a degree in Illustration and Graphic Design from the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois, Barbara began a 30 year career in the card and stationery business. Figurative art has always been a passion for her, but she also enjoys the challenge of graphic design. Pastel being her preferred medium for figurative art, she has embraced the digital tools needed for illustration, and loves to explore new ideas and ways to express the concepts requested for commercial illustrations. Now residing in the beautiful Sonoran Desert south of Tucson, AZ, Barb draws much inspiration form the beauty that surrounds her.
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